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Here is a relational map based on the pages in this space and their links, documenting the actors of Assange's persecution and the relationships between them:

Help us documenting the actors of Assange's persecution with as much details as possible…

The Actors of a Persecution

The Controversial Prosecutor at the Heart of the Julian Assange Case

Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept, July 2021

Everybody is invited to add new pages and modify the pages in this space. They are used to automatically, regularly, build the relational map.

To create new pages, follow these few simple guidelines:

  • Start a new page with a photo or illustration on the first line, aligned on the right. Images must be anywhere within the “the_actors” namespace. (images starting with “300×300-” must NOT be used to illustrate articles as they are generated for the map).
  • ======Title of the page====== must be a name of a person or an entity.
  • Links are the most important part of the relational map: list all links with a clear explanation like: [[the_actors:ukjudiciary:judge_arbuthnot|The husband of Lady Emma Arbuthnot]]
  • When saying [[emma->is the mother of alexander]] (on Alexander's page) we don't need to add [[alexander->is the son of emma]] (on the page of Emma) because the link already exists!…
  • Add any description, bio, quotes and stories from sourced articles on the rest of the page.

Don't be afraid to break anything! This is the magic of the wiki: all edits are saved so we can always restore a previous version if something doesn't quite work… Also check some more tips on how to edit a wiki.

Feel free to edit existing pages and create new pages! Minimal but relevant edits are always welcome and can be reviewed later in the process. (Don't forget to source all links)

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