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Here are a few tips for non wiki-native editors :)

  • A “wiki” is a user-editable website. Anyone (at the time of writing this, anyone with an account) can edit and create pages.
  • Make mistakes! It is the only way of learning… Also all previous revisions of any given page are being saved, so it is always possible to revert.
  • Editing a wiki is fun, and a collective effort! Feel free to create new pages, new sections, and modify and improve every existing page! Click the pencil shaped icon on top-right of any page to edit it. Make yourself at home!
  • Feel free to click the edit button on any page (and just click the [Cancel] button afterwards) so you can take a look at how it is structured and get inspiration from it.
  • When editing a page, use the [Preview] button under the editor to see your modifications and proof-read before pressing [Save], so you can make corrections before everyone sees your text.
  • Learn about the simple wiki syntax. Basically, **bold text** has ** around it, //italics// are surrounded by //, etc. writing ==== around a title ==== will turn it into a section title, === around some sub-title === will turn it into a sub-section title, same for == around a sub-sub-title ==. These titles will be automatically turned into a convenient index, on top of the page.
  • Many pages are long lists of resources, ordered by sections and sub-sections. When a list gets too long, it probably needs to be (re)ordered into sections and maybe sub-sections.
  • When a section or sub-section becomes too big, then maybe it could become its own page!
  • Nothing is easier than creating a new page! Just write [[new page]] using brackets, and if it doesnt exist, a new page will be created when you click on that link. The same way you can link to an existing page, for instance by writing [[getting_started]], [[syntax]], or any other page. Another very simple way of creating a new page is to type its name as part of the address, in the address bar of your browser: enter “* of some new page*” and you will get to that new page, empty, ready to be edited!
  • Links to external pages are done in a very similar way: here is a [[|link to some external page]], where you just add the address of that external page in the brackets, at the beginning, followed by a “|” (pipe character). You can also just write URLs in the middle of some text, and it will become a clickable link.
  • To upload an image, the simplest way is, while editing a page, to click “Media Files” on top of the editor. Once uploaded, you will see a text looking like {{:wiki:dont-extradite-assange-uk-poster2web.jpg}}. Just copy and paste this text into your article to display the image. You can also decide the size of the image, for instance by adding {{:wiki:dont-extradite-assange-uk-poster2web.jpg?200}} to make it 200 pixels wide.
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