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US v. Assange

Kellen Dwyer is listed in the indictment as a prosecutor in the US case against Julian Assange, and has been intimately involved in the case. His infamous copy/paste error brought the case to light. He interrogated Siggi Thordarson on 6 May 2018, along with FBI Special Agent Megan Brown and Icelandic police. He was present during a closed-door hearing regarding efforts to force Chelsea Manning to testify against Assange and WikiLeaks.


Kellen Dwyer is best known for "accidentally" leaking information about the grand jury assembled against Julian Assange, when he made a copy/paste error in a separate filing. He was subsequently the subject of an ideologically-driven appointment, replacing the Department of Justice’s top national security policy position, in a rather epic example of failing up under the Trump administration.

Dwyer is listed as an adjunct at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, and taught a seminar in 2019 on computer crimes.

Personal life

Kellen Dwyer lives in Alexandria, VA. He married Megan Lacy on 7 Mar 2015, and appears to belong to the Holy Comforter Catholic Church of Charlottesville, VA. He has contributed to the Southern Tier Catholic School (STCS) and Archbishop Walsh Academy (Walsh) through their Walsh Fund for Excellence.

Dwyer participated in a recreational league basketball team in Washington, D.C. in 2017.

Prior cases


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