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Manual for new supporters

Based on your location you may find existing local groups you can join or, if there aren't any in your area, you may start a new support group yourself.

• There are several established support groups in different areas of the world functioning across different social media platforms. Feel free to join any of them to stay updated about local events, projects and activities. 

• If you wish to participate more actively, feel free to post publicly in the group or contact group’s admins with a brief introduction and a list of your skills and talents. Be patient - group administrators are just regular people doing this voluntarily in their free time.

☞ List of global support groups

• Invite your friends and family to start a group. Share with them accessible and accurate information such as the one found on this wiki. Perhaps watch a film or documentary from our movie selection together, and start a conversation!

• If you don’t know any interested people in your area, join other relevant online groups, actions or protests in your area (for example: anti war protests, pro peace FB groups, Extinction Rebellion, freedom of speech/press conferences…) to connect with like-minded individuals who might be interested in starting a new #FreeAssange support group with you!

• Collect your contacts and create a group chat. To protect your privacy, we recommend using safer messaging apps, such as Wire, Telegram or Signal. Consider using Jitsi for your video conferencing calls, instead of Zoom.

* Communicate with your group to determine what actions would you like to execute, group roles, resources, plan meetings, logistics, share ideas…

• Create online presence on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

• List your new group with a short group description and links to its social media accounts on

• Call or email your local municipality or police station to find out about rules and regulations for organizing a protest in your area. Generally speaking, you should not need to formally ask any special permissions if your protest: 

  • will take place in a public square.
  • will not block traffic.
  • you will not be using a big sound system (1 speaker is normally allowed).

• Communicate with your local group to determine Location, Date and Time of your protest.

• Promote your event on your social media platforms.

• Determine:

  • what your activities will be (think in terms of inviting by-passers to come closer and inform themselves about JA and Wikileaks).
  • who will be the moderator.
  • who will be the guest speakers and performers (celebrities, professors, human rights organizations representatives, members of parliament…).
  • who will invite the media (journalists, reporters, bloggers, photographers…).
  • who will make signs, flyers, posters. You can find free pdf designs in the campaigning material section, or check out the DIY projects for inspiration on how to make your own.
  • who will take care of the music and the vibe. You could make a playlist from these songs or tune in to Radio Free Assange.
  • if it is a one-off protest or a recurring event.

• Update your event page once speakers and performers confirm their participation.

• Contact WikiLeaks official shop to discuss possible group discounts for bulk orders:

• After the protest, share your photos, videos and local news articles on your group's social media pages, using popular hashtags. Remember to upload your best shots to the wiki's protest gallery!

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