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Music Playlist

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Ballad of the Outlaw

Wikileaks Lullaby

The Julian Assange Song

The Ballad of Julian Assange

Behind These Prison Walls


Julian We Salute You

Julian Assange

Boom Goes Julian Assange

Kill the Messenger

The Whistleblower 2.0

You're The Light

We Will Always Stand by Julian Assange

Collateral Murder

Open Your Eyes


Freiheit Statt Angst

Wikileaks Tribute

We Want the Truth

Christmas Song

Your Funeral Song

S/As Boy/As A Boy

Oh the Shark

Julian in a Nutshell

I Encrypt as Much as I Can

Complex Keys

Truth in Jail, Lies in Power

Freedom 4 Assange

Dirty Little Secrets

Free The Man

Waltzing Matilda

Wiki Licks

Wish You Were Here

USA Get Out Go Home

Julian's Freedom is Our Freedom

Gimme Gimme!

Loving Fans

We Can Be Heroes


Calle 13 feat. Julian Assange and Tom Morello

music video

Nous Sommes Là Pour Toi

Yannick Garcia source

Dear Julian

Yannick Garcia source

Julian Assange Blues

Sophie Kay


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