This is an attempt at understanding the various possible scenarii once the first instance decision of the UK Magistrate Court, by judge Vanessa Baraitser, will been given on Jan. 4th 2021.

This information has been researched from multiple sources, and should be considered indicative. Please edit/comment any suggestion, correction or clarification.

<flow> graph TD;

A{"Extradition verdict<br/>Jan 4th 2021<br/>-or later-<br/><br/>MAGISTRATE COURT"}--Accepts the arguments of the defense-->B>unlikely];
A--"Rejects the arguments of the defense<br/> case sent to SSHD"-->C(("deadline for representations<br/>2021-02-01"));
C-->D["Secretary of State for the Home Department SSHD<br/>Priti PATEL 
<br/><br/>CAN WRITE AN EXTRADITION ORDER<br/><br/>earliest: 2021-02-02<br/>latest: 2021-03-03"]-->E(("14 days appeal option<br/> of the defense <br/>from the date SSHD<br/> writes extradition order"));
E-->F{"One Judge of the HIGH COURT<br/>#40;Non-transparent decision<br/> how judge is chosen#41;<br/><br/>Application for permission to appeal"};
F--"and/or based on <br/>decision of the Magistrate Court"-->G;
F--"and/or based on <br/>decision of the SSHD"-->G;
G(("Submission deadline <br/>for perfected grounds <br/>10 working days after<br/> application for permission<br/> to appeal is issued"))-->H(("10 working days <br/>option for the US <br/>to submit <br/>Respondents Notice"));
H-->I{"Decision by one judge<br/><br/>timeframe unclear<br/><br/>Test is whether any of the <br/>grounds advanced are<br/> #quot;reasonably arguable#quot;"};
I--"Grants<br/> permission</br> to appeal"-->J["APPEAL COURT<br/><br/>Full appeal hearing<br/>mid-2021 or later"];
I--"Refuses<br/> permission</br> to appeal"-->K(("5 days to<br> lodge application<br/>to oral renewal<br/>hearing by <br/>different judge"));
K-->L{"Decision<br/> by different judge"};
L--"Grants<br/> permission</br> to appeal"-->J;
L--"Refuses<br/> permission</br> to appeal"-->X[Extradition to the US];
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