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Swedish Allegations

This page aims to provide accurate information on ‘the Sweden case’ in which Julian Assange found himself, in August 2010, framed and wrongly pinned with accusations of rape. Contrary to widespread misreporting, he was never charged.

The disinformation and smear campaign that ensued was spearheaded by a complicit or ignorant mainstream media, instantly splashing defamatory headlines and continuing to peddle lies to this day.

To this end, Julian would be tried in the court of public opinion and lose support, allowing the political class to execute their goal of persecution and torture with impunity.

See also Tools to fight a disinformation campaign

«J‘accuse…!» - by Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture (Feb 2020) (English version - text only - missing links to documents) (French version - includes the documents)

“Assange & Sweden”

Suspicious behaviour - the strange case of the Wikileaks editor and the Swedish prosecutor (2012) - All the details of the case, timeline etc. - a must read!

We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited (Aug 2012)

Naomi Wolf: J’Accuse: Sweden, Britain, and Interpol Insult Rape Victims Worldwide (May 2011)

Letter: The demonisation of Assange paves the way for more rape and murder by the State (Jan 2021)

Head of Swedish Bar Association Condemns Handling of the Assange Case in the UK and Sweden as Deplorable (26 April 2019)

Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013, CPS emails show (Feb 2018)


“This is mob rule!” Women Against Rape spokesperson Lisa Longstaff defends Julian Assange (November 2019)

Suzie Dawson talks about the Swedish allegations (April 2019)

The Wikileaks, Julian Assange Diplomatic Standoff - Animation (Nov 2019)

Sex, Lies and Julian Assange (July 2012, updated April 2019)

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