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USA vs. Assange - S02E02 - The Appeal Hearing (27-28th October 2021)

Following a preliminary appeal hearing at London's Royal Courts of Justice on August 11, the US government was finally granted permission to appeal the UK district court's verdict of no extradition, on all of five grounds they had requested.
In this 'full' appeal, the prosecution will attempt to challenge the validity of the testimony of Prof. Michael Kopelman, the psychiatrist who assessed Julian Assange and determined that he, if facing extradition, would likely be driven to suicide - a testimony on which much of Judge Baraitser's no extradition verdict was hinging.
Another line of argument cited in the UK judge's decision were the extremely harsh prison conditions that would await Assange in the US.

Will the US arrogantly determine him to be fit to stand trial - a 'fair' trial they assure us! - in a US secret court, and give vague assurances that he will not be disappeared in a (5) Supermax prison under Special Administrative Measures?

Julian's future, and that of journalism worldwide, still hangs in the balance.

The appeal hearing will take place at the Royal Courts of Justice, London

How to get there.

Follow this flowchart to find out what the possible next steps might be entail.

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