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To: Lord David Prior (Chair NHS England and NHS Improvement) -,


Senator the Hon Marise Payne (Minister for Foreign Affairs) -
Mr George Christensen MP (Chair Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group)- 
Mr Andrew Wilkie MP (Chair Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group)- 

Subject: COVID-19 Fears for Julian Assange

Your Lordship,

I, 'my name' of 'my street' 'my City' am writing as a concerned citizen of 'my country'.

I have been following Mr Julian Assange's case and I fear for his life.

You are charged with overall responsibility for the NHS. That also carries sole medical responsibility in the UK prison systems.

Can you:

1. Confirm that the NHS will not be swamped by the coronavirus pandemic in the UK? 
2. Confirm that the NHS can prevent coronavirus infiltrating the UK prison system? 
3. Confirm adequate resources to isolate and best practices management of a pandemic 
   if the prison systems become infected? 
4. Confirm you have sufficient medical support being trained staff, ventilators, beds, 
   ICU equipment, adequate protective equipment at hand if your coronavirus 
   containment plans within prisons fail?  
5. Confirm Julian Assange is fully physically fit and faces zero risk from the 

Julian Assange is an unconvicted detainee and his medical condition under long term confinement is frail.

If you cannot answer an unreserved 'YES' to the five questions above, Julian Assange must be released to the care of his family immediately.

Please support Julian's bail application on the grounds of covid-19 risk

Thank you for your time.


my name
my email

References: 1. British prisoners 'will die' from coronavirus

2. London hospitals facing 'tsunami' of patients (Chris Hopson)

3. Ohio Judges Are Releasing People From Jails

4. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe released from Iran prison

5. Doctors For Assange

6. Doctors For Assange: Covid-19 warning in Reply to Australian Government
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