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The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra Act 2600

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Subject: The Life from Julian Assange is at Risk - Commitment necessary

Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

I wonder why you are not fighting for Julian Assange. Is there any reason?

Australia's diplomatic relationship with the US and UK should not be more important than a human life. Will every person be treated every like this by your Government? I note that in the case of David Hicks, who actually trained with the Al Farouq training camp para-military training in Afghanistan and spent five years in Guantanamo, the Australian Government assisted his repatriation to Australia.

Why should the case of Julian Assange, who committed no crimes, be any different. Indeed, Mr Assange, a several time Nobel Prize nominee is a man of truth and peace, who has brought knowledge of war crimes and atrocities on civilians to us.

The criminals are the people who commit the (war)crimes. Not those who publish them.

There is no fair trial happening in London. Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser is not neutral and independent. Everyone knows, everyone sees. Nobody can deny. We were there!

In many cases even the US prosecurors are neutral, for example: they are fine, with Assange sitting next to his legal Team, or with having Assanges Family names anonymous. Not so Judge Baraitser.

During the trial new examples of daily torture were occurring.

How can you, Mr Morrison, let this happen with any human being and specially with one of your own Australian people?

Mr Assange was handcuffed 11 times, strip-searched twice, had five custody cell changes, defence documents in court were taken away from him as soon as he leaves the court, the trial is conducted in a court with an emergency sound system, the judge and the prosecution don't use the microphone, Assange who sits several metres behind the others, behind a bulletproof glass wall can't hear anything that is being said in the front.

This is no fair process!

Should he be expected to hear anything through a few slits in the glass, that is said at the very front?

He is given headphones that convey nothing because no one speaks into the microphone. The judge has denied Mr Assange the right to sit next to his lawyers; even the prosecuting lawyers said it is okay by them. But the judge is against it. Not neutral!

According to the Mandela Rules, any solitary confinement of more than 15 days is torture. These examples are just a few of the things that happened in the first few days of the hearing. Madness - this absurd lack of due process has been happening in the European “Guantanamo” named Belmarsh since April 2019 to Mr Assange. And much longer to many many other prisoners.

What if your son or daughter were treated like this as a journalist merely because they published the truth?

Julian Assange is only allowed to walk outside in the courtyard for 30 minutes a day. However, if he has a visit from his father, such as yesterday, he is not allowed to walk outside. Why? What is the legal basis for that?

What reason is there not to all?

Since Mr Assange is an Australian citizen, you Mr Morrison will surely be deeply involved in the subject and informed with the smallest details and facts.

I would like to know the legal basis on which Mr Assange poses a danger. What danger does he pose? Who exactly could he endanger? Why is he in solitary confinement for more than 15 days and why is a democracy allowed to do so in 2020 without a word of protest from the Commonwealth nation of Australia?

Please let me know what Australia is doing to request fairness in the extradition proceedings and in the treatment of its citizen. Could you please inform the UK through your diplomatic channels and ask what the legal basis is for the UK breaking the Mandela Rules?

What danger would he pose to other prisoners with whom he would be in a cell? What could he possibly do in a maximum security prison?

Furthermore, on what legal basis is he being prevented from walking in the courtyard if he has visitors that day? On what legal basis was he stripped searched, if he went from one high-security wing to another high-security wing through a tunnel in order to go from cell to bulletproof glass dock? What is the legal base for that?

What is the reason and legal basis he had to change his cell five times on one day?

What is the reason his room was checked completely? Are all rooms checked regularly in solitary confinement? How often? When is this action deemed necessary?

What exactly is the accusation in the case which prevents him from physically shaking hands with his lawyer? On what legal basis is Mr Assange prohibited from shaking hands with his lawyer?

Why is the hearing being held in Woolwich Court where there is no proper sound system? Sources have written it is only a emergency sound system, which is regulary not working. The journalists complained that very often they didn't hear anything in the press area. It was argued that Assange should be spared and the travel time saved. That's why the hearing is in Woolwich Crown Court and not at Westminster Magistrates Court or are there any other reasons?

Do you, Mr Morrison, think we should be more concerned with saving travel time than require a proper working sound system, that enables a person to hear what a judge says? Also to facilitate the audience in the gallery and the journalists to hear what is being said?

Do you personally see a danger that Julian Assange poses to other people when he is not sitting in the glass case?

If yes, what is that view based on? Can you provide evidence of dangers if so?

What is the authorisation basis for changing cells five times a day/night before the start of the court?

Professor Nils Melzer, a UN Specialist and Special Rapporteur on Torture and who visited Assange on 09 May 2019, accompanied by two medical experts, the psychiatrist Dr. Pau Pérez-Sales and the forensic expert Prof. Duarte Nuno Vieira, specialised in examining potential victims of torture and other ill-treatment, to assess his Situation. He clearly stated that Assange's very severe type of symptoms is commonly the result of severe forms of psychological torture:

“Julian Assange shows symptoms of ongoing psychological torture, e.g. pathological depression & anxiety caused by over 9 years of imprisonment, 24/7 surveillance & wiretapping, tyranny by authorities, isolation and death & torture threats.”

Assange already shows very strong behaviour and damage of someone who has been tortured, and this damage will probably never be cured. What are you Mr Morrison doing to prevent an Australian citizen from being tortured?

When and how often did you contact the UK Parliament or the prison administration to raise urgent objections to the UK Government's terrorist practices? How often did you Mr Morrison contacted the US prosecutor to shutdown this unfair inhumane showtrial?

What have you Mr Morrison done for the freedom of Julian Assange since he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy?

What have you done to talk to the UK Government since Assange has been in Belmarsh Prison?

What have you done since you learned about Rapporteur Prof Melzer's evidence on torture to stop these practices?

HRH Queen Elizabeth replied to my letter that she should not interfere in a political case. This in effect gives her opinion that it is not a legal case!

What is happening in UK, London, HMP Belmarsh, is an absurd show trial. Not a year, not a month, not a day, not an hour, not a minute is fair - in how Assange is being treated.

What is happening there is a crime and YOU KNOW THAT.

Will District Judge Baraitser preside over the substantive hearing when, according to many official court observers, she has already failed to behave impartially? How can she be neutral, if her supervisior Judge Abruthnot when both are involved in deeper state connerctions and are getting Paid not to be neutral? This is impossible.

1. Arbuthnot’s husband - and ex-Conservative MP - Baron James Arbuthnot is listed as a former director of Security Intelligence Consultancy SC Strategy Ltd. The other two listed directors are former Head of MI6, Sir John Scarlett and Lord Carlile.

2. REVEALED: Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office

You as a Prime Minister are surely very worried about your Australian citizen and ought to be regularly in contact with all British authorities to stop all of this.

I am really happy about one thing concerning covid19, Mr Morrison. Please allow me to quote you: “No Australian will have to go through this alone” I am facilitated, you said that. Because prisons are a trap for imates, when it comes to pandemic situations even more. 4 covid19-cases were confirmed in HMP Belmarsh, London/UK, the first inmate dies on covid19 on 07th April 2020. Julian Assange must be released.

So it is time to act.

In anticipation of your answers to my questions, I thank you very much.



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