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Actions and Exhibitions

A non-exhaustive list of the many actions that have happened, are happening and will happen in defence of freedom of the press, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

An attempt to give visibility to these actions, as well as to inspire new ones! Feel free to add you own actions, or some you are aware of but are not listed here.

Also, check the past events page to get some inspiration for the future ones!


Upcoming events

For all listings of actions in support of Julian as his extradition hearing resumes, visit Please add your local group actions to the list.

For more information and updates on this second part of the hearing, scheduled to be held at the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) in London, UK from Sept 7-25th; go here.

Ongoing events

For the most consistently updated list of current and past actions please refer to:


Candles4Assange is a global collective of supporters who first came together on 3 July 2019 when Wellington invited the world to a birthday vigil for Julian. 62 cities from 25 countries came together, to fight for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning's freedom. 'Candles' now work with a series of groups to list and instigate international solidarity actions in support of specific one-off actions going on in Belmarsh / Central London and key sites in the US and Australia.

There are over 49 cities holding regular protests (almost 30 in Germany alone!) and daily events / sit-ins and various daily actions in Brisbane, London and Melbourne. We try to list and promote these at

German and European actions are covered in more detail at

(local times listed)



  • Esslingen, Germany - 4.30pm, Steubenplatz


  • Vienna, Austria - 5pm, Stephansplatz
  • Berlin, Germany - 7pm, Brandenburger Tor
  • Düsseldorf, Germany - 5pm, Hauptbahnhof (fortnightly)
  • Rostock, Germany - 5pm, Universitätsplz (18Mar)/ Doberanerplz (fortnightly) - 1 April
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany - 5pm, Zeil am Brockhauabrunnen - 18 March
  • Mönchengladbach, Germany - 5pm, Alten Markt (1 x month)
  • Schwerin, Germany - 6pm, Marienplatz Ecke (fortnightly
  • Ludwigsburg, Germany - 6pm, Obere Marktstrasse (1 x month) - 25 April
  • Hamburg, Germany - 5pm, Flaggenplatz am Jungfernstie
  • Leipzig, Germany - 4pm, Lowenbrunnen
  • Baden-Baden, Germany - 5pm, Leopoldsplatz
  • Cottbus, Germany - 7pm, Stadthallenvorplatz (fortnightly) - 11 March
  • Ulm, Germany - 5pm, Fußgängerzone Höhe Volksbank (fortnightly) - 11 March
  • Hanau, Germany - 10am, Marktplatz
  • München, Germany - 5pm, Weisenburg
  • Singen, Germany - 6pm, Ecke August-Ruf-Str. (fortnightly) - 18March
  • Dresden, Germany - 7pm, Jorge-Gomondai-Platz (fortnightly)
  • Karlsruhe, Germany - 10.30am, Ludwigplatz (fortnightly)


  • New York, USA - 5.30pm, Grand Central Terminal - @NYCFreeAssange
  • Vienna, Austria - 7.30pm, 11 Gaußplatz - @yviy1
  • Stuttgart, Germany - 5pm, Rotebühlplatz / Marienstr.
  • Bremen, Germany - 5pm, Bremer Marktplatz
  • Brisbane, Australia - 6.30pm, 19 Dornoch Terrace West End


  • Melbourne, Australia - 6.30pm, Flinders Street Station - @Melbourne4Wiki
  • Sydney, Australia - 12pm(noon), Town Hall - @people4assange
  • Berlin, Germany - 7pm, Villa Ichon 4 Goetheplatz
  • Köln, Germany - 5pm, Domplatte
  • Magdeburg, Germany - 4pm, Ernst-REuterAllee am MVBHauschen
  • Paderborn, Germany - 4pm, Franziskanerkirche
  • Witen, Germany - 5pm, in front of the Galeria


  • London, UK - 2pm, Belmarsh Prison
  • London, UK - 5pm, Trafalgar Square
  • Brisbane, Australia - 2pm, King George Sq.
  • Newport, Isle of Wight, UK - 4pm, Thomas Sq.
  • Zurich, Switzerland - 2pm, 40 NiederdorfStrasse - 21 March / 4+18 April
  • Luzern, Switzerland - 1pm, Lowenplatz \ (14 March) Munsterberg - @FreeAssange_ch
  • Basel, Switzerland - 2pm, Munsterberg - 28 March - @FreeAssange_ch
  • Hannover, Germany - 3pm, Kropcke
  • Heildelberg, Germany - 12pm (noon), Anatomiegarten
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany - 12pm (noon), Zeil am Brockhaus (monthly) - 11Apr / 9May
  • Freiburg, Germany - 2pm, Platz der Alten Synagoge (monthly) - 25 April
  • Flensburg, Germany - 10.30am, Holmnixe
  • Marburg, Germany - 11am, Marketplatz in der Oberstadt (monthly) - 25 April
  • Celle, Germany - 10am, Poststrasse Ecke Rundestrasse (monthly) - 25 April
  • Karlsruhe, Germany - 1pm, Ludwigplatz (monthly) - 25 April
  • Konstanz, Germany - 11.30am, Marketsttate (monthly) - 25 April
  • Donau, Germany - 10am, Höhe Marienapotheke​


  • Toronto, Canada - 12pm (noon), 360 University Avenue - @McMaster Steve
  • Wellington, New Zealand 2pm, Cuba Mall Leftbank (fortnighlty) - 29 March

Ongoing and interactive

The photo-gallery campaign 'We Are Millions' aims at displaying the multitude of supports of Assange.
It has been turned several times into exhibits.

Want to contribute by adding your portrait? Here's how: instructions-en.pdf

FB: Twitter: Instagram:

Travelling exhibition since 2015


“Anything to say?”, is a life size bronze sculpture, portraying three figures each one standing on a chair. The fourth chair is empty because it is our chair. The one for us to stand up on to express ourselves or simply to stand next to Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, who had the courage to say no to the intrusion of global surveillance and to lies that lead to war. Both loved and hated, they chose to loose the comfort zone of their lives to tell the truth.

First unveiled in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany on 1st May 2015

Past events

Check the past events page! (Also please add your past events there!)

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