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Extradition Hearing Protest - Day 7

Location: Outside the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court of England and Wales), London, EC4M 7EM

Time: 9:00 (hearing begins 9:30)

Contact: Committee to Defend Julian Assange


A gathering and banner display in protest of the extradition hearing of Assange.

Location: Raintree Park, 52 The Mall, Darwin, NT, OZ

Time: 1:00-14:30

Contact: / twitter


'The Assange Documents' - Demonstration and panel discussion in front of the Swedish Embassy

More info: PDF

Location: Swedish Embassy, Inkognitogata 27, 0256 Oslo

Time: 13:00-14:30

Streamed Live on NY TID

Contact: Set Julian Free

☞ Sign the 'Set Julian Free' petition

Read 'Set Julian Free' Appeal to the Swedish Government and see the list of signatories

Location: Mynttorget

Time: 14:30

Contact: Swedish Committee for Julian Assange (Fb)

March From ABC To The Hill To Twitter

Location: Meet at ABC News, Desales Street Northwest > The Hill, 1625 K St NW #900 > Twitter 800 Connecticut Ave NW

Start: 12:00

Contact: Action4Assange

For full and updated details, check out Action4Assange's protest schedule

FB event:


iris, 2020/09/02 07:58

More info 4 Oslo - link to event on website?? Flyer? FB+Twi?

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