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A non-exhaustive list of the many actions that happened, are happening and will happen in defense of freedom of the press, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

An attempt to give visibility to these actions, as well as to inspire new ones! Feel free to add you own actions, or some you are aware of but are not listed here

For the most consistently updated list of actions please refer to:

Upcoming actions

Extradition hearing 24-28 Feb

25 February 2020 (Tuesday)

Washington DC, USA - Protest outside buildings of mainstream media 12 NOON:

London, UK - Imperialism On Trial, St Pancras New Church 6PM:

28 February 2020 (Friday)

Victoria, BC CANADA #Jam4Julian 761 Station Ave Langford 7.30PM:

Rockhampton, OZ - 20 East St #Walk4Assange 9AM: Contact: FreeAssangeCQ on FB

Washington DC, USA - Whitehouse to DOJ 12 NOON: Contact: @Action_4assange

Weekly / Ongoing events

Vigils and gatherings in front of embassies & symbolic places


Germany & Europe

Regular events in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cottbus, Ulm, Hamburg, München, Singen, Stuttgart, Hannover, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Mönchengladbach, Rostock, Frankfurt am Main, Dresden, Heidelberg, etc.

Next events:

Rest of the World

A list of international events listings including one off events and daily events in Brisbane, London and Melbourne:



Hungry for Press Freedom (Brussels, Belgium)

A month long hunger strike performance where actors -each on 24 hour shifts, are confined to a small prison cell, under the surveillance of another actor, the prison guard. The cell is visible for passerby’s to see.

A meeting point where people interested in human rights, are invited to network, exchange ideas, and get creative.

Various talks, debates, performances, workshops, and film screenings to engage with the public and create dialogue.

A lounge space with library where people can inform themselves.

An ever evolving dedicated exhibition to which people are invited to contribute.

Rue Blaes 132, 1000 Bruxelles**

We Are Millions Photo Campaign

The photo-gallery campaign We Are Millions aims at displaying the multitude of supports of Assange. It has been turned several times into exhibits.

Anything to say ?

“Anything to say?”, is a life size bronze sculpture, portraying three figures each one standing on a chair. The fourth chair is empty because it is our chair. The one for us to stand up on to express ourselves or simply to stand next to Edward Snowden, Julien Assange and Chelsea Manning, who had the courage to say no to the intrusion of global surveillance and to lies that lead to war. Both loved and hated, they chose to loose the comfort zone of their lives to tell the truth.

Open letters, petitions

See also In Defense of Julian Assange people & organizations voicing their support & opposing Assange's extradition to the US

Journalists speak up for Assange

We invite all journalists and people in journalism-related roles to be part of this global statement in defence of Julian Assange. Please read the statement, which explains why we need to speak up. petition(s)

change_petition_image.jpg One of many petitions in defense of JA signed by about 400.000 people! can be signed here:

Another petition:

(Some may want to be careful with privacy policy…)

Other petitions


Reporters without borders (RSF):

Roots Action: To Judge Vanessa Baraitser DO NOT EXTRADITE JULIAN ASSANGE to the USA

Send emails online tool

Send pre-composed emails easily and quickly to Australian parlamentaries, Governor of Belmarsh prison Rob Davis, District judge Vanessa Baraister, Home secretary Priti Patel, Westminster Magistrates Court and Chair NHS England and NHS Improvement Lord David Prior:

Writing to Julian Assange

As initiated by, described here

Write to your MP

“If you’re in the UK, writing to your MP is an important way you can help Julian Assange in his fight against extradition to the United States.”

Christmas Cards to the UK Home Office

dea-xmas-postcarda5.jpg Flood the Home Office with these Christmas cards to send a clear message to stop Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States and set him free

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