Whistleblow Village at RC3 2021 / 2RC3 / 26-30 Dec. 2021

Like last years, people from all around the world defending freedom to publish, freedom of information, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will gather at RC3! Their place to meet, to celebrate, to plan and to organize in the “RC3 World” is once again Whistleblow Village! (“RC3 World” is a social experiment in the form of an oldschool, pixelated “JRPG”-type videogame. Participants interact via small characters moving on a map, opening links and jitsi conversations… More context below.)

This year our village contains numerous new spaces, more creepy and beautiful adventure, funny characters to meet, a friendly campfire chat and a lovingly curated sound atmosphere! We hope you will enjoy its new location after our Great Migration

Once again self-organize sessions will happen in a relaxed (and hopefully thought-stimulating!) setting, including open rounds of discussion with speakers from various stages, movie screenings and more focused workshops.

Take a look at the full schedule for our self-organized sessions below!

We would also like to recommend a few talks in the various channels/stage that we consider important…

Meet fellow Villagers in a warm and lively Campfire Chat!

Rave on with Radio Free Assange!

Marvel at our perpetually-WIP tent-gallery!

Adventure! What secret lies on top of Mount Dox?!

“A vibrant hommage to courageous journalism worldwide”
- WeeklyLeaks Magazine

after they talk on the xHain stage

[English below] Wir machen es uns gemütlich in informeller Runde, tauschen uns aus über neue und bekannte Wege des Aktivismus, Ideen zur Unterstützung von Julian Assange, geben Tipps für Neu-Einsteiger, reflektieren Bisheriges, entwickeln gemeinsam neue Ansätze und Perspektiven und sind offen für viele weitere Anregungen und Vorschläge. Es gibt die Gelegenheit sich besser kennenzulernen, zu vernetzen, sich inspirieren zu lassen und neue Ideen einzubringen und mitzunehmen.

Interessierte sind herzlich willkommen!

The Kraut Krowd Konvention - Join us! We'll get comfortable in an informal setting, share new and known ways of activism, ideas for supporting Julian Assange, give tips for newcomers, reflect on what has gone before, develop new approaches and perspectives together and are open to many more suggestions and proposals. There is an opportunity to get to know each other better, to network, to be inspired and to contribute and take away new ideas.

Anyone interested is very welcome! (discussion held in Ze German)

after his talk. An open discussion not entirely focused on the CIA spying on WikiLeaks

his talk: https://rc3.world/2021/public_fahrplan#5fd0c013-e3bd-531a-a938-a178f5cf7513

The persecution and prolonged isolation of Julian Assange is exacting a heavy toll on his health. He recently suffered a foreboding minor stroke.

If Assange were to die tomorrow, what would it mean? For one, would his death deter or radicalise journalism?

An informal, open talk with xekola & al.

Movie screening and extended discussion with the directors and editors, part of the WikiLeaks team.

Join in https://bbb.challengepower.info/b/cha-ll6-x4e-afi


In their conversation, Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture) and Stefania Maurizi (investigative journalist, Il Fatto Quotidiano) dissect the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks case

It is the case that will decide the future of Journalism and the right of individuals to look into the darkest corners of our democratic societies. Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks journalists and collaborators have been persecuted and intimidated for over a decade. Unless we analyse this persecution in depth, we cannot understand how democratic states annihilate aggressive journalism without using the tools that dictatorships use. Nils Melzer is an investigator exposing human rights violations. Stefania Maurizi is an investigative journalist who has spent over a decade on the WikiLeaks case. In their conversation, they dissect the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks case

Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; Stefania Maurizi, investigative journalist, Il Fatto Quotidiano

https://rc3.world/2021/public_fahrplan#5fd0c013-e3bd-531a-a938-a178f5cf7513 Room: ChaosZone TV Details: https://pretalx.c3voc.de/rc3-2021-chaoszone/talk/TZTE93/

This talk is about the experience of the Wikileaks project when it bumped into a small problem with the CIA. While it builds up on my last years talk 'CIA vs. WL' I am now able to provide a detailed report about how the operations unfolded and what it triggered; with refreshing material from various sources.


Chaos Communication Congress (C3), has become over the last 37 years the most important event on the planet for hackers, activists, technology enthusiasts and critics alike, to discuss a mix of technical and political issues.

It usually looks like a giant, 4 days 24/24 conference, but is in reality much more than that to its participants: a place to meet, to share, to discover, to tinker and to experiment. A place to organize, in a very disorganized way. :) A giant “living room” where many feel just free to be who they are. Great progress has been made over the years at benelovently including everyone. Last year 17.000 people participated in Leipzig!

Every group of participants is free to set up an “assembly” at C3, sometimes also called a “village”. It is usually a corner of a big room, attributed by the central organisation of the Congress, with tables and chairs and anything one can feel like bringing really. Some build domes, colourful art installations, giant toys, etc. or keep it a low profile place to gather and hang around in between friends (and also maybe find relief from the overwhelm and social anxiety that can arise from such an intense experience!).

This year like last year [because reasons], C3 will only happen online, over the traditional dates of 27th to 30th of December. Yet, some lovely organizers and their many supporters are cooking something very special: the “Remote Congress Experience” or RC3. One can expect that many smart and talented people would gather to share parts of their decentralized infrastructures in order to experiment wildly!

Part of RC3 will be “RC3 World”, a social online experiment taking the form of a very simple adventure/RPG game, with oldschool pixel graphix, accessed from a web browser.

Every assembly/village can have their own piece of map, interconnected with the other maps (and to a central lobby that dispatch visitors around in between maps) This decentralized “pixel world” will connect together different communities and activities, like some conference stages, discussion spaces and workshop areas, the assemblies themselves, and many crazy things that will be experimented continuously during these four days. This could add a little bit of entropy around isolated lives, allowing people to “bump into each other” and interact, to lose their track/focus from the main conferences and meet new ideas… maybe needed in such a strange and dark period!

Different areas of the map link to various resources and displays them in the web browser window as the game. Approaching a certain area of the map will open a website, a video communications through Jitsi, of sound files, audio streams etc. whether to mimic the conditions of discussions (like in a couch/lounge area), or to enable participation in workshops, conferences, panels, etc. using various pieces of decentralized infrastructure, etc.

rC3 will be a variety of distributed small local events in hackspaces with a joint program of streamed talks, online workshops, art, culture and various forms of networked togetherness.

In between RC3s, Whistleblow Village can be found here: https://challengepower.info/whistleblow_village

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