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Let's meet in our cute autonomous experimental virtual world adventure! (It looks like an old-school pixelated adventure video game that enables participants to meet through jitsi audio/video chat, discover links to open, etc. For those familiar with CCC “Remote Congress” RC3, it is our assembly/village back online!)

Let's gather and celebrate what unite us, fighting for Assange's freedom and for press freedom worldwide!

During the evening we can:

  • experiment with having some fun and attempting to be “together” remotely in these strange times, catch up with some friends…
  • have cozy open discussions around the campfire;
  • attend some self-organized activities in focused BBB presentation/discussion rooms (18h00 - TBC - Next steps of Assange's extradition procedure, coordination and action…);
  • explore alone or with friends a game/quest through 10 years of the history of WikiLeaks and whistleblowers, going through the Guantanamarsh prison, exploring Mount Dox…

More information and context about Whistleblow Village below

ROUGH INSTRUCTIONS: after naming your character, move it using the arrow keys of your keyboard. Then get close to objects (signs, etc.) to read what they are, get close to people to open 1-1 jitsi chats, join a fireside area to join a bigger jitsi chat. Enter the tent or stage are for the focused sessions on Big Blue Button.


RC3, the “Remote Congress Experience” has been the occasion to organize against the ongoing persecution of publishers and whistleblowers worldwide, with a focus on the extradition procedure of Julian Assange to the USA, (where he faces up to 175 years in prison for “espionage”) -- the verdict is due on the 4th of January 2021.

The “Whistleblow Village” is a hub for information, action, invention and coordination to end Assange's political persecution as well as the persecution of whistleblowers and publishers everywhere. It is a place to discuss and explore the consequences of such a “war on journalism”; it is a place to celebrate the importance of freedom to publish and access information; and a place for exploring the ethical use of technology for publishing and countering surveillance, etc.

Throughout RC3 there has been a number of panels, group discussions, various collective efforts and initiatives, workshops, etc. Decentralized infrastructure will be shared ( including this wiki, pads, a PeerTube instance, a radio stream, and more) Our only limit is the pixelated sky!

After RC3, the village was brought back online, on our own servers, as an island now disconnected from the other maps/villages of RC3…

Let's list what can be organized in this space, along with the following pad:

For more information and/or to join, contact challengepower ([AT]) protonmail _D0T_ *ch*

A map is being created for our Village. It can be changed and evolve throughout RC3.

A guide on how to build such a map is available here A lot of 32×32 pixels graphic elements (tiles) are widely available from various sources, so we don't have to create it all from scratch.

The village is mostly:

  • A cozy village and campfire area, with Jitsi and Big Blue Button rooms, an audio stream (Radio Free Assange) and a video playlist. A place to meet and organize.
  • A quest, an adventure in a cold dark world, where participants can earn badges while making mysterious discoveries…


Feel free to suggest activities here, even if you feel like you need some help for organizing and running them.

Stefania Maurizi, John Goetz, Andy Müller-Maguhn - 27 DECEMBER - 20h00

open discussion after their talk “Ethical Hackers + Investigative Journalism… GAME OVER?”

Screening "War on Journalism" + Q&A With Juan Passarelli - 27 DECEMBER - 22h00

Reporting from Assange extradition proceedings in London – Tareq Haddad & Mohamed El Maazi - 28 DECEMBER - 17h00

As London-based journalists covering Assange's extradition proceedings, Tareq and Mohammed will host an in-depth discussion on how the hearings have unfolded to date, focusing on the four weeks of evidence presented at the Old Bailey in September before opening to Q&A.

Tareq will also discuss a new investigative project being launched alongside Nicky Hager, Serena Tinari and Blaz Zgaga that aims to uncover new and pertinent information about Assange's treatment by the governments of the U.S., the U.K., Sweden, Ecuador and others.

ACCESS VIA (or in the tent or stage at Whistleblow Village)

Art and Action for Assange - 28 DECEMBER - 19h30

How arts can tell a story as dark and complex as the story of WikiLeaks, Assange and his political persecution? How through visual, cultural and other mind hacks artists can contribute to the public debate, become actors of an ongoing political struggle?

An open discussion with Davide Dormino (sculptor, “Anything to Say”), AFK (Norwegian Street Artist “Persecution”, “Lady Justice”, etc.), Predrag (“We Are Millions), and others!

Join us in the tent (or stage) at the Whistleblow Village or directly at (accessible from outside #RC3)

Institutional Defense of Assange and Whistleblowers - 29 December - 13h00

What tactics to get oppressed publishers and whistleblowers out of jail? How to rally and to act on the institutional layers of the immense cluster-f*ckery of Assange's ongoing extradition to the US? Who are the actors involved?

Impressions from the court and about the legal breaches of the proceedings of Assange extradition hearing, in the perspective of the verdict, on Jan. 4th 2021 in London.

Christian Mihr - Reporters Without Borders, Dustin Hoffmann - DIE PARTEI - European Parlament And others

JOIN (accessible outside of RC3)


'XY Chelsea' screening + discussion with activists from 'Free Chelsea!' (Berlin) - 20h00

XY CHELSEA by Tim Travers Hawkins, 2019 (ENG w/ GER subs.)

An intimate biopic about the life and persecution of Chelsea Manning—US Army whistleblower and trans activist—who in 2010 through Wikileaks exposed US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The movie focuses on the period between Chelsea's release from prison in 2017 up until her renewed imprisonment on March 8 2019 for refusing to give false testimony against Wikileaks‘co-founder, Julian Assange.

Open talk about the campaign for Chelsea Manning's release together with activists from the Free Chelsea! Berlin support group after the movie.

ACCESS (open outside of RC3) AND/OR by the TENT in the WHISTLEBLOW VILLAGE

XY CHELSEA von Tim Travers Hawkins, 2019 (EN mit DE Untertiteln)

Ein intimes Biopic über das Leben und die Verfolgung von Chelsea Manning--US Army Whistleblowerin und Trans-Aktivistin--die 2010 durch die Enthüllungsplattform Wikileaks umfangreiche Informationen offenlegte, die US-Kriegsverbrechen im Irak und Afghanistan dokumentieren.

Der Film konzentriert sich auf den Zeitraum zwischen Chelsea's Entlassung aus dem Gefängnis 2017 und ihrer erneuten Inhaftierung am 08. März 2019, weil sie die Aussage gegen den Mitbegründer von Wikileaks, Julian Assange, verweigert.

Offene Diskussion nach dem Film

ACCESS (offen außerhalb von RC3) UND/ODER beim TENT im WHISTLEBLOW VILLAGE

COORDINATION AND ACTION Assange verdict and beyond- 30 December 15h00-20h00

The verdict in Assange's extradition from the UK to the US (where he faces 175y in supermax prison for publishing public interest information) is due in London on the 4th of January.

In the last days, we had different groups and talks. There were journalists, activists, artists, institutions and many more which joined our talks. On this day, everybody is invited to brainstorm together and coordinate the next steps, find ideas and actions to get more attention on the case of Julian Assange.

Let's organize and stay in touch and act, towards January 4th and beyond!

JOIN US! (accessible outside of RC3)


Wiki Gardening Workshop

Short 1h session introducing to ChallengePower wiki, detailing various sections, and calling for participation Selected portions of the wiki could be targeted for 1-2h sessions (like “The_actors” or other documentary efforts)

Discussion: The numerous violations of national and international law in Assange Case

An attempt at building a dedicated wiki page/session?

Insert your idea here!

and here :)

Thes events are entirely related to the topics of the Whistleblow Village, and totally recommended:


Chaos Communication Congress (C3), has become over the last 37 years the most important event on the planet for hackers, activists, technology enthusiasts and critics alike, to discuss a mix of technical and political issues.

It usually looks like a giant, 4 days 24/24 conference, but is in reality much more than that to its participants: a place to meet, to share, to discover, to tinker and to experiment. A place to organize, in a very disorganized way. :) A giant “living room” where many feel just free to be who they are. Great progress has been made over the years at benelovently including everyone. Last year 17.000 people participated in Leipzig!

Every group of participants is free to set up an “assembly” at C3, sometimes also called a “village”. It is usually a corner of a big room, attributed by the central organisation of the Congress, with tables and chairs and anything one can feel like bringing really. Some build domes, colourful art installations, giant toys, etc. or keep it a low profile place to gather and hang around in between friends (and also maybe find relief from the overwhelm and social anxiety that can arise from such an intense experience!).

This year, [because reasons], C3 will only happen online, over the traditional dates of 27th to 30th of December. Yet, some lovely organizers and their many supporters are cooking something very special: the “Remote Congress Experience” or RC3 One can expect that many smart and talented people would gather to share parts of their decentralized infrastructures in order to experiment wildly!

Part of RC3 will be “RC3 World”, a social online experiment taking the form of a very simple adventure/RPG game, with oldschool pixel graphix, accessed from a web browser. One can test it here:

Every assembly/village can have their own piece of map, interconnected with the other maps (and to a central lobby that dispatch visitors around in between maps) This decentralized “pixel world” will connect together different communities and activities, like some conference stages, discussion spaces and workshop areas, the assemblies themselves, and many crazy things that will be experimented continuously during these four days. This could add a little bit of entropy around isolated lives, allowing people to “bump into each other” and interact, to lose their track/focus from the main conferences and meet new ideas… maybe needed in such a strange and dark period!

Different areas of the map link to various resources and displays them in the web browser window as the game. Approaching a certain area of the map will open a website, a video communications through Jitsi, of sound files, audio streams etc. whether to mimic the conditions of discussions (like in a couch/lounge area), or to enable participation in workshops, conferences, panels, etc. using various pieces of decentralized infrastructure, etc.

rC3 will be a variety of distributed small local events in hackspaces with a joint program of streamed talks, online workshops, art, culture and various forms of networked togetherness.

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