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Global Digital Protest

Help us create a social media 'storm'! : coordinating a targeted spike in activity surrounding relevant topics, during a given time period, on multiple social media platforms.

Please check the time to participate in your country, so we can all be online at the same time. ☞here (follow the thread and comments)

Facebook pages and hashtags will be provided for everyone to post heartfelt and sincere concern for Julian’s life and unfair treatment, in a coordinated action. For example: Boris Johnston 9pm, Donald Trump 9.15pm etc. No spamming or rudeness.

Visit our Facebook event page for up to date details.



Come to the U.S Embassy and Protest to STOP the Show Trial + Release Assange Immediately.

Please join in this Peaceful Protest wherever you are in the World + support Journalist Julian Assange + do the #VikingChant4Assange!

#FreeAssangeNOW #YellowRibbons4Assange

Location: US Embassy, 33 Nine Elms Lane, SW11 7US

Time: 1-3pm

Contact: TrumanHuman2020

6sept20-london-us-embassy-.jpeg 6sept2020-viking-chant-lnd.jpeg

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