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Come to the U.S Embassy and Protest to STOP the Show Trial + Release Assange Immediately.

Please join in this Peaceful Protest wherever you are in the World + support Journalist Julian Assange + do the #VikingChant4Assange!

#FreeAssangeNOW #YellowRibbons4Assange

Location: US Embassy, 33 Nine Elms Lane, SW11 7US

Time: 13:00-15:00pm

Contact: TrumanHuman2020

6sept20-london-us-embassy-.jpeg 6sept2020-viking-chant-lnd.jpeg

Concert: The band “Antibody” will be the feature act - dedicating their showcase to #JulianAssange

Location: The Loft Pub 229 Gorge Rd East

Time: 16:30

More info: twitter

Contact: Sherry Drums

Global Digital Protest

Help us create a social media 'storm'! : coordinating a targeted spike in activity surrounding relevant topics, in a given time period, on multiple social media platforms.

Please check the time to participate in your country, so we can all be online at the same time. ☞ here (follow the thread and comments)

Facebook pages and hashtags will be provided for everyone to post heartfelt and sincere concern for Julian’s life and unfair treatment, in a coordinated action. For example: Boris Johnston 9pm, Donald Trump 9.15pm etc. No spamming or rudeness.

Visit our Facebook event page for up to date details.


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