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 +Found at: https://www.assangecampaign.org.au/send-response/?id=covid
 +To: Lord David Prior (Chair NHS England and NHS Improvement) - contactholmember@parliament.uk, england.contactus@nhs.net
 +  Senator the Hon Marise Payne (Minister for Foreign Affairs) - senator.Payne@aph.gov.au
 +  Mr George Christensen MP (Chair Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group)- parliamentary.group@assangecampaign.org.au 
 +  Mr Andrew Wilkie MP (Chair Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group)- parliamentary.group@assangecampaign.org.au 
 +Subject:  __**COVID-19 Fears for Julian Assange**__ 
 +Your Lordship,
 +I, 'my name' of 'my street' 'my City' 
 +am writing as a concerned citizen of 'my country'.
 +I have been following Mr Julian Assange's case and I fear for his life.
 +You are charged with overall responsibility for the NHS. That also carries sole medical 
 +responsibility in the UK prison systems.  
 +Can you: 
 +  1. Confirm that the NHS will not be swamped by the coronavirus pandemic in the UK? 
 +  2. Confirm that the NHS can prevent coronavirus infiltrating the UK prison system? 
 +  3. Confirm adequate resources to isolate and best practices management of a pandemic 
 +     if the prison systems become infected? 
 +  4. Confirm you have sufficient medical support being trained staff, ventilators, beds, 
 +     ICU equipment, adequate protective equipment at hand if your coronavirus 
 +     containment plans within prisons fail?  
 +  5. Confirm Julian Assange is fully physically fit and faces zero risk from the 
 +     coronavirus?  
 +Julian Assange is an unconvicted detainee and his medical condition under long term 
 +confinement is frail. 
 +If you cannot answer an unreserved 'YES' to the five questions above, Julian Assange 
 +must be released to the care of his family immediately.    
 +Please support Julian's bail application on the grounds of covid-19 risk  
 +Thank you for your time.
 +  my name
 +  my email
 + 1. British prisoners 'will die' from coronavirus
 +    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/coronavirus-outbreak-prisoners-will-die-andrea-albutt-a4386451.html
 + 2. London hospitals facing 'tsunami' of patients (Chris Hopson) 
 +    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/26/london-hospitals-facing-tsunami-of-coronavirus-patients-overwhelmed
 + 3. Ohio Judges Are Releasing People From Jails
 +    https://www.motherjones.com/coronavirus-updates/2020/03/ohio-judges-are-releasing-people-from-jails-to-fight-coronavirus-its-a-good-idea/
 + 4. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe released from Iran prison
 +    https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51937629
 + 5. Doctors For Assange
 +    https://doctorsassange.org
 + 6. Doctors For Assange: Covid-19 warning in Reply to Australian Government
 +    https://doctorsassange.org/doctors-for-assange-reply-to-australian-government-march-20
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