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-Hey All,+===== Posters and banners ===== 
 +You don't have to use a computer to get your message across. Make some unique art!
-In regards to the last development, in connection with Julian possible Extradition to the U-$. +{{gallery>:diy:posters?3&300x300&lightbox&random&nocache}}
-I have produced this SVG (Witch can be printed to any kind of support). +
-It brings Prince Andrew in the light of a possible  extradition process as well (Especially as he has been discharged of all Royal Duty, by her Majesty, and so becoming a simple citizen as any British citizen). Some FBI investigator (Who EXPr A, never collaborated with...willfully, as they have been 'ejected' from GB) are seriously considering a demand of extradition of EXPrince Andrew.  It does not mean that i m pleading for Pr Andrew to be extradite (To be true...i'm against this process by essence...As US Extraterritoriality has been largely overused in the past). +
-TO PUT IT IN SIMPLE WORD' Julian has been discharge of all (false) Raping accusation's after years of .........mismanagement of his case by Great Britain.. +
- +
-It could question the extradition process in itself,..................?+
- +
-I'm personally convinced, that the (near?) future will confirm the active role of EX Prince Andrew, in the 'Epstein Never Ending Story', in witch Raping minor's is considered as a Minor Offense...By the same judges who are in charge of Julian's case in GB.+
 ===== Stencils ===== ===== Stencils =====
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